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The challenge: to paint cloud computing as a fundament of the Polish business revolution

Our assignment was to prove that cloud computing is a safe and convenient tool that can translate a business of any size, from any market sector, from the ground up. This includes trade, production, finance, and so forth. At the moment of launch, the idea of a digital transformation practically didn’t exist in the Polish mediasphere. Nowadays, the challenge is even greater; almost every company has either already undergone or is in the process of undergoing this kind of transformation. In the meantime, the list of topics that need to be addressed has expanded greatly: cybersecurity, the GDPR and other digital regulations, AI, the IoT, et al.

The strategy: Public Relations + Social Selling

This strategy of communication assumed regular publications by experts (dedicated to individual trends and market sectors), press information, study results, reports, and expert commentary- but also communication using LinkedIn (which engages experts and heads of companies).
The published materials pertain to every step of the digital transformation and introducing cloud computing: from basic education on the matter and a general explanation of benefits, to questions of cybersecurity and legal ramifications, to personalizing the cloud and digital technology for every sector. This was done speaking not just as Microsoft, but also as clients who embraced the migration.


The strategy was divided into the following actions:

  1. Publishing press materials (the latest news associated with the topic)
  2. Publishing expert articles (educating the market) in business, vertical, and sector media
  3. Publishing the newest information and reports (among others, reports prepared by CIO net and Polityka Insight)
  4. Publishing materials on the company blog #MicrosoftSpeaks (#MicrosoftMówi)
  5. Regular communication on profiles of employees on the topic of cloud computing and the digital transformation
  6. Exclusive conferences for selected press representatives (education, sharing information on new trends)
  7. Press conferences


  • 3370* TIER 1 publications (nationwide, topical, vertical, etc.)
  • 1000+* publications on cloud computing
  • 1300+* publications on the GDPR
  • 500+* posts in social media
*From Jul 1 2015

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