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DPD Polska

The challenge: communicating the takeover of Siódemka by DPD Polska

Siódemka was an important player in the market of Polish private mail couriers. Its takeover by DPD Polska predictably generated a large amount of attention. This transaction made DPD Polska the new largest player in the couriers/delivery industry in Poland (in Polish: KEP, “couriers, express, and parcels”). The greatest challenge when joining the companies was to unify the operations and logistics without disrupting existing services.

Our goal was to paint the change in a positive light to the courier industry: to demonstrate that it stimulated development in the market and that it was to the benefit of clients (mostly online stores) and consumers.

The strategy: Public Relations

The strategy consisted of both internal and external communication. A key element were our actions in the sphere of Media Relations and constant communication of changes. Our press agency actively cooperated with the press, passing on a constant stream of news concerning the takeover and answering all questions addressed to DPD Polska and Siódemka.

Taking into account the long-distance nature of the firm, there were also internal PR interactions undertaken: informing the workers and couriers of the change, as well as a strategy on how to address sudden crises.


Communication undertaken:

  1. Active media communication: press materials, comments given to targeted media outlets within the trade and market, concerning the combination, the market situation, and the development of DPD Polska
  2. Organizing a rebranding press conference: discussing the change of the company colors and a new business strategy
  3. Media presentation and building the expert image of the new management
  4. Crisis prep: creating a Q&A document and an “anti-crisis booklet.”


  • 1350 media publications over the course of the takeover (Nov. 2014-late 2015)

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